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When I travel, I like to maintain creative endevors if I'm in the mood. When I was on a surf trip to the outerbanks, North Carolina, I had a small dj set up, a boom box, and my mini disc recorder. It was very lo-fidelity when it comes to recording. My sister Kira is an amazing singer and had recorded a few acoustic demos. I took a few songs from those demos and remixed them live one night in the condo I was renting. This "mash-up" between my sister singing 'Blackbird' by The Beatles and the music of 'Supreme' by Blackalicious is a one take session of me mixing the two songs together. Its not a hyper tight computer generated mash-up, it has more of an old school live dj feel. This is one reason why I like listening to it. Hope you do too.

2 turntables, a mixer, a boombox, and a mini-disc recorder
Lo-fi mash up.